Tooth Fillings

Cavities are a common occurrence in all patients. In fact – approximately 92% of adults have had a cavity in their lifetimes. Cavities typically form as a result of decay in teeth, whether from improper oral hygiene or other contributing factors. Without the proper treatment, cavities can cause serious lessening of overall oral health, and can greatly damage teeth, even causing them to be lost. Cavities, while common, need to be treated quickly and treated properly. The most common treatment for a cavity is called a filling – a simple restorative method.

Formed from either metal or porcelain or composite materials, fillings do exactly what their name implies – they fill and seal the hole that is caused by a cavity. Once filled, the spread of decay is prevented, and further damage to the tooth and the root can be prevented.

Dr. Eric Berkner and the team here at Ponderosa Dental Arts is your Oregon City specialist for routing filling procedures. We can quickly and easily remove the decay formed by a cavity before it can spread, implant fillings which naturally mimic your tooth’s natural look and feel, and restore your smile to its proper and healthy original condition. This is a quick and easy procedure, and soon you’ll be eating, drinking, speaking, and acting like your normal and happy self.

Once we have restored your lustrous smile to its dazzling condition, let us work with you to create a plan of action to prevent additional future cavities, and keep your teeth in their best possible shape. We believe prevention is, indeed, the best medicine, and we will work with you to ensure you are using the best possible practices to keep your teeth and gums healthy and worry-free.

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