Designed especially with the comfort and well-being of your children in mind, dental sealants are specially formulated plastic materials that are used to coat the back teeth, where the majority of chewing occurs. Even when your children properly brush and floss, nooks and crannies in these back molars and premolars trap food that can be very difficult for kids to remove. Where food gathers, bacteria can flourish, leaving your children’s teeth vulnerable to tooth decay.

As part of Ponderosa Dental Arts’ comprehensive dental services, along with regular check-ups and cleanings, we can utilize these dental sealants in a quick and non-painful procedure which provides extra protection for your kids while these important teeth grow.

Studies have shown that proper non-invasive treatment using dental sealants can diminish the decay rate in these teeth by up to 70%, and can last for over 10 years – a phenomenal value which more than pays for itself in increased security for your children, and greatly diminished chances of them needing to undergo more invasive procedures such as fillings.

But dental sealants aren’t just for kids! Ask Dr. Eric Berkner, or any of the staff here at your Oregon City dentist, Ponderosa Dental Arts, how dental sealants can be an excellent and cost-effective additive to your dental plan for the future.

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