Oral Hygiene

At Ponderosa Dental Arts, we firmly maintain that there is nothing more important to your long term dental health than proper preventive care. As such, Dr. Eric Berkner and the staff here at your Oregon City dental provider are here to help properly educate you in the best possible procedures you and your family can perform at home to successfully maintain a bright and trouble-free smile and a healthy mouth. While educating patients and performing thorough and comprehensive examinations, we can create individually-designed dental plans for all of our patients, based on their unique conditions, goals, and needs.

As part of your regular healthcare, proper oral hygiene services should be utilized to keep your oral health in its best possible shape. To prevent periodontal disease and keep teeth strong and worry-free, we offer an array of different services to create and maintain your best possible smile:

  • Tooth Decay Prevention – Through regular check-up and cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and other maintenance items, we can help prevent the decay that forms when harmful bacteria find pockets of leftover food and propagate in your mouth eating away at the enamel which protects your teeth. In addition, Dr. Eric Berkner and the specialists here at Ponderosa Dental Arts can consult with you about the best possible foods to eat and avoid, to augment your preventive planning process.
  • Ultrasonic Teeth Cleanings – Regular brushing and flossing is a fantastic way keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy, but it just isn’t possible to prevent dental plaque and stains from forming over time. As part of the Ponderosa Dental Arts dental lifestyle plan, we include regular teeth cleanings every six months. Dr. Eric Berkner and the professional staff here use an ultrasonic scaling procedure using the most technologically advanced miniaturized tools to remove hard plaque which has built up between teeth and beneath the gums to prevent the buildup of tartar and subsequent tooth decay and periodontal disease that it can cause. As part of your total health solution, Ultrasonic cleanings are one your best weapons in the war for your most beautiful smile.
  • Oral Cancer screenings – We take your oral health extremely seriously, and consider ourselves your primary resource in detecting any signs of an issue as early as possible. Every time you come in for routine check-ups and screenings, Dr. Eric Berkner and the staff at your Oregon City dentist also perform a full examination which could be instrumental in early detection. Early detection in oral cancer can be potentially life-saving. We perform a full visual inspection during our oral cancer screening process, in order to catch any sores, discolored patches, or other abnormalities. We shall also palpitate your mouth, jaw and neck, searching for any tell-tale lumps. Should we find anything out of the ordinary, we can refer you to a specialist for the most rapid possible screening and treatment.

At Ponderosa Dental Arts, we consider ourselves not merely your dentist, but your partner in overall health. Our job is not merely to craft a shining smile, but to ensure your overall health and wellness long into the future.

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