Maintaining excellent oral hygiene, with the assistance of your friendly neighborhood Oregon City Dental Care providers – Ponderosa Dental Arts, is an excellent step along the road to the perfect teeth and smile that you’ve always wanted. If you’re concerned with gap or alignment issues, and are looking to take your smile to the next level, orthodontics are an excellent option. However, traditional braces can oft-times be an obtrusive and time consuming choice. Brackets and wires, which can restrict your food choices, require extra effort when brushing and flossing, and can irritate your mouth. Luckily – Ponderosa Dental Arts is proud to be able to present to you an excellent alternative to traditional braces in Oregon City – Invisalign® nearly invisible braces.

These clear aligners are virtually invisible, made out of a smooth plastic, removable for ease of cleaning, and allow you to eat whatever you like. This cutting edge treatment can have a dramatic impact on creating and maintaining your most dazzling smile in far less time, and with drastically less inconvenience than traditional braces.

Patient Satisfaction and Successful Results

Dr. Berkner has had continued patient satisfaction with proven results in straightening crooked or mis-aligned teeth with his patients.


Invisalign Before and After by Ponderosa Dental Arts


Invisalign® Free Consultation in Oregon City

Call Ponderosa Dental Arts today for your complimentary consultation for Invisalign® in Portland’s metro area, and Dr. Eric Berkner and the professional staff at your Oregon City Dentistry would be happy to discuss with you whether the amazing Invisalign® clear aligners are right for you.

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