At Ponderosa Dental Arts, your Oregon City preferred provider for dental and oral hygiene services, we know how vital your own natural smile can be to your happiness and overall sense of well-being. Dr. Eric Berkner and the highly qualified staff here will work with you to all we can to preserve your individual, natural smile. Unfortunately, however, there comes a time when teeth must be removed, or are lost.

In these circumstances, your ability to speak and eat properly can be affected if left untreated. As your preferred provider, it is our responsibility to assist you in choosing the most perfect possible solution for your individual needs. As a permanent solution for many, customized and individually tailored dentures can be a perfect answer. When correctly crafted and installed, a set of dentures can add youthful vigor to your appearance, while restoring both your confident smile, and your ability to function properly when eating or speaking.

Three options – Full Dentures, Overdentures, and Partial Dentures – are available, and we can tailor these options to fit your individual needs.

  • Full Dentures – These dentures replace all of your teeth along one or both jaws. Conventional dentures are individually tailored for you – designed to fit your mouth perfectly and follow your gum line. Full dentures are a very economical solution, but care must be used to avoid instability, as bone loss can gradually occur after teeth are removed from the jaw.
  • Overdentures – this option is strengthened and supported by either existing teeth or implants. The bone structure of the jaw can be maintained, and thus overdentures can possess increased longevity and durability. Though they can bring additional cost, they are an excellent long-term solution.
  • Partial dentures – supported by and custom matched to your existing remaining teeth, partial dentures are an extremely solid long-term solution to maintain your natural and healthy smile.


Dentures FAQ’s

What materials are used for dentures?

There are several types of materials used in the denture making process. Ponderosa Dental Arts works with the best labs to provide the best fitting and longest lasting dentures. 

What are the different options for dentures and how long does the process take?

Our most popular is the premium denture, a customized process each step of the way. This takes about four visits to ensure the denture is precisely custom fit to your mouth. Our economy denture can be made more quickly and also provides a very affordable option for patients in just two visits. 

When talking about dentures, what is recommended?

Dr. Berkner’s favorite and recommended procedure is to use dental implants to hold dentures steady. The number one complaint we hear from patients who have been wearing dentures is that the dentures move around while eating. Dental implants solve this problem and have helped many of our patients overcome this common concern. With dental implants for dentures, the dentures are removable but just easily snap back into a secure manner while in use. 

Do you do denture repairs?

Yes. Patients who have been wearing dentures can upgrade to a new one or repair the old ones. We do denture repairs on existing dentures, and in most cases, we can do them in the same day.

How much do they cost?

The cost depends on the patient’s insurance, varying with their insurance plan as well as the type of denture or procedure done. For those without insurance, we have financing options available.

Call us for a quote to see how much your specific dental insurance plan would cover you for dentures, or to learn more about our financial options available.


Dr. Eric Berkner and all of the staff here at Ponderosa Dental Arts are committed to understanding our patients’ needs, desires, and individual situations. We want to present the solution that will be most appropriate for your budget, your lifestyle, and your situation. Once we have consulted with you on your individual needs, we can custom create a perfect set of dentures, unique to you, to help keep your smile happy, healthy and dazzling, for years to come.

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