Dental Implant Cost

A single Dental Implant in Oregon City with Ponderosa Dental ArtsThe cost of dental implants are dependent on a number of factors, including the number of implants being placed, the amount of bone loss, type of materials used, insurance coverage, etc., ranging from just a few thousand dollars to an upwards of seven thousand dollars for a single implant.

Associated Costs of Dental Implants

It is good to keep in mind that the price listed for a dental implant can be misleading as there are multiple steps to the dental implant process (learn about how the process works here). Prices of dental implants may not include associated costs such as the implant crown, the 3D scan, exam, or even the initial consultation. Also, technically, a dental implant is just one part of the process of replacing a lost or missing tooth, as well as only one of the pieces of materials used in the dental implant procedure, so it’s good to be clear about what is included in implant prices.

For example, some dental professionals only perform one part of the dental implant process, sending the patient to a general dentist to complete the other part. So the price here for a dental implant may be around $2500, for example, but that won’t include creating and placing the final crown, which would include an additional fee. Depending on the dentist, associated costs such as the consultation, exams, x-rays, etc. may be individually charged on top of the dental implant price given.

Dental Implants from Start to Finish

After the initial consultation and 3D X-ray, the whole dental implant procedure starts with placing the implant inside the jaw, waiting appx. 4 months for healing, then finishing the process with placing the final crown. By digitally planning this process, we can design the look and function of the final crown before the implant is placed. This is one of major advantages to have one dentist work on both the Implant and the Crown, so that they can have that foresight of the final crown aesthetics while planning the angle and location of the dental implant. Here at Ponderosa Dental Arts, we take care of a majority of our patients receiving Dental Implants throughout the entirety of the process from missing to to placing the final implant crown.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Oregon City

The average cost of the whole Dental Implant procedure here in the Portland metro area, including placing the Dental Implant and the Crown is around $5,500. Here at Ponderosa Dental Arts, we have a special offer with an all-inclusive price for Dental Implants at just $3,000 for each implant. Please see below for details.

Dental Implant Special Offer: $3,000 | All Inclusive*

We are offering a Dental Implant Special Offer for our patients for just $3,000 (three thousand dollars), in an all-inclusive price that includes the associated costs:

Doctor Consultation
CBCT (3D X-ray)
Guided Implant Placement
Surgical planning
Surgical guide
Dental Implant
Implant abutment
Implant Crown

Our Dental Implant Offer here in Oregon City provides an all-inclusive package that leaves out hidden costs, giving ultimate assurance to our patients. Partnering this competitive rate with our Guided Dental Implant Process, we can provide a worry-free process, leaving both your smile and your wallet happy and healthy.

*If additional procedures are needed to prepare the site for the dental implant, there would be an additional fee. This includes, but is not limited to, bone grafting, guided bone regeneration, and sinus lifts.

Dental Implant Free Consultation

If you are considering having Dental Implants, call us today to schedule your free consultation in Oregon City. Dr. Berkner and his knowledgeable staff would be happy to go over your particular case, covering the available options for your treatment, providing you with a beautiful smile.

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