Ponderosa’s Dental Plan

We offer an in-house dental plan for those patients who currently do not have dental coverage. Our Premier Dental Plan allows patients to receive top notch dental care and enjoy its benefits, leaving behind the worry of not being covered by a traditional dental insurance plan. Patients on our Premier Dental Plan receive discounts of 30-50% or more off on regular dental treatment fees in the area.

Ponderosa’s Premier Dental Plan Benefits

  • Exam and X-Rays
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 2 Flouride Treatments
  • Emergency Exam
  • 15% off regular general dentistry service fees

Why go with an in-house dental plan?

There are a number of reasons why an in-house plan is beneficial:

  1. No waiting period: you’ll receive immediate treatment
  2. Quality care: you’ll find high quality care here at Ponderosa for both adults and children
  3. Discount rates: on regular general dental fees
  4. No deductibles
  5. No exclusions
  6. No claims to file
  7. No maximum


Annual Membership

Individual: $399
Individual and Spouse/Partner: $699
Each Additional: $299


Ponderosa Dental Art’s Premier Plan is not an insurance product, but a plan to provide optimal dental care at a reduced fee for our patients who are not covered by dental insurance. We require payment in full when becoming a member. If you change your mind within the first 30 days of membership, you may cancel and pay all regular fees for services provided since becoming a member. After 30 days, membership fees are nonrefundable.

Call us to enroll in Ponderosa’s Premier Dental Plan today!

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