About Us

Dr. Eric Berkner, Dr. Koonig, Dr. Morrow, and the staff at Ponderosa Dental Arts


Dr. Eric Berkner and all the staff here at Ponderosa Dental Arts are committed to providing the best possible Dental Health experience for you and your family in the Oregon City region. Though we rigorously apply the best new standards and apply cutting-edge solutions and technologies for your healthcare needs, it is our sincere belief that it is our genuine care for our patients that sets us apart from other providers.

A quality experience can revolutionize the lives of our patients. We at Ponderosa Dental Arts are driven by our desire to serve our patients by helping them achieve the best of both Oral Health and Aesthetics that is possible for them. Our solutions are individually matched to the best interests of each patient, to ensure that their unique needs are met at every step along the way, and that their care and treatment is best suited for their individual needs, lifestyle, and goals. At Ponderosa Dental Arts – you and your family are priority number one.

We are honored to have been awarded Oregon City’s Best Oral Care in 2017 by Downtown Oregon City Association and Oregon City Chamber of Commerce

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